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Opengear CM4116

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Opengear CM4116

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Opengear CM4116


CM4116 Console Servers
The Opengear CM4116 is the most efficient console server at the lowest cost available today. In one secure package, we have developed an out of band management solution for serial console ports, servers, virtual servers, service processors, UPS & PDU's, envioronmental monitoring and more. The CM4116 family of advanced console servers enables system administrators to securely access and control their data centers and networks from anywhere in the world.

Secure Console Management
The CM4116 family of console servers enables system administrators to securely access and control their data centers and networks from anywhere in the world. The CM4116 provides reliable and secure access to the serial console ports, embedded service processors and network console ports on Windows, Linux, SUN, HP and IBM servers. The CM4116 can monitor and control network infrastructure such as Routers, Switches, Firewalls, UPS, Remote Power, PBX, and much more

Remote Out of Band Access
The CM4116 console server can be remotely accessed in-band through 10/000 TCP/IP or out-of-band through an external modem. All connections are secure to remote systems using robust advanced encryption. The CM4116 also provides a selection of filtering and access logging facilities which can be archived off-line. Access can be restricted by IP address, password or account. Administrators can securely control and manage their distributed networks of servers and appliances using the latest in console access. Available in 8, 16 and 48 port models, the IM4200 family of advanced console servers are the perfect fit for in band or out of band access to vital IT assets.

Pattern Match Alerting
Opengear console servers can help you ensure uptime by proactively scanning the serial stream on the console ports for specific errors or phrases. We monitor the traffic on the serial port and will watch for user defined patterns or phrases and send alerts via SMS text or email based on pattern match.

Hotkey Power on RPS/PDU
Imagine yourself having out of band access to a dead communications device that is entirely locked up in a frozen condition, simply hotkey via SSH or telnet to launch our power menu to check power status, power cycle, turn off or on. We have support for thousands of PDU/RPS units, both serial and SNMP connected units.

Unlike other proprietary vendors we allow access to the linux core including bash. Why do i need this? Well, you can create proactive self-healing solutions that cycle power on a router or switch on ping failure.

CM4116 console servers enable system administrators, network managers and support help desks to affordably monitor and control the devices, computers and networks in the remote sites under their care.

The CM4116 provides secure in-band and out-of-band access to the serial consoles of the UNIX, Windows, Sun and Linux computers and the networking infrastructure (switches, firewalls etc) at these sites. It can also provide remote monitoring and control of appliances such PBXs, building security, telecommunications equipment and power distribution units.

By locating a CM4116 in each remote site, secure central control and management becomes affordable at even the smallest edge location (ISP POPs, retail POS, gaming sites etc).

Flexible Robust and Secure
Opengear's console servers provide a simple and secure solution for accessing, monitoring, and controlling distributed networks of appliances. The CM4116 provides secure access for remote configuration, monitoring and disaster recovery ensuring availability at critical times.

As would be expected with a quality console server, all CM4116 connections are secure, with encrypted access to remote systems using up to 128-bit AES encryption. The CM4116 console server at a remote site can be accessed in-band through the Internet or the enterprise IP network or out-of-band (OoB) through a dial-up modem PPP port or a local serial connection.

However managing devices in highly distributed networks needs powerful yet flexible access control mechanisms. So the CM4116 offers a selection of access filtering, redirection and authentication facilities e.g. access can be restricted by IP address, password and account, and once a user is authenticated they can be further restricted to using nominated services and TCP/UDP ports on the specific devices they have been authorized to access. These facilities can be customized and the manager can easily copy scripts, binaries and configuration files directly to the CM4116. Opengear also provides a custom development kit (CDK) which allows changes even to be made to the software in CM4116 firmware image.

All in-band and out-of-band management activity is monitored and logged, and these logs can be archived off line. The CM4116 can also monitor the serial consoles for events or conditions that will trigger it to automatically send alerts via e-mail, SNMP or NAGIOS; a feature which can mitigate system and network disasters.

Out-of-band network console access
The CM4116 also provides secure out-of-band management access to devices on the local LAN at remote sites. Increasingly managed devices have an Ethernet network port (rather than a serial port) dedicated as their management console. With the CM4116 the administrator can remotely access these network console ports. They can also dial in to the CM4116 and have secure remote access to all the TCP/UDP ports on all networked devices at the site. The CM4116 supports SSH tunneling which provides this secure remote access to computers and devices using tools like RDP, VNC, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH,Telnet and X. The SDTConnector client software that is provided with each CM4116 further simplifies these connections.

The CM4116 can also monitor appliances on the local network at these remote sites and send alarms when trigger conditions occur. So remote administrators can use the one CM4116 console server to manage their computer systems and networked appliances using (text or graphical) serial or network consoles.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Number of Ports 16
Number of NICs 1
Modem No
Power Supply Single AC

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